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Our founder, Chuck Keffer, joined Troux in September 2004 and led some of the largest Troux deployments in North America and Europe. He authored the Troux Accelerator methodology and established the Troux advisory services practice to deliver Troux Accelerator solutions. He brought home his experience with Troux’s customers to contribute to the requirements and design of the Troux product. Ten years later, recognizing that Troux’s customers had no full-service, independent provider of consulting services, he left Troux and formed Strategic EPM—a network of affiliated independent consulting professionals focused on the full range of needs of owners of the Troux EPM Suite software. Collectively, Strategic EPM has a greater number of consultants with more experience than any independent provider in the market.




Dialogic Self-Assessment

A one-to-two hour consultative interview resulting in a findings brief that includes targeted next step recommended actions to realize stated objectives



Troux Deployment Assessment

A remote analysis of the Troux deployment to assess opportunities for improvement with solution configuration, metamodel design, and data quality, as well as organizational responsibilities

Solution Planning Workshop

A two-phase approach beginning with preparatory interviews focused on defining target change initiatives including recommendations and requirements for results-based solution configurations. Next, we lead a two-to-three day, on-site workshop tailored to the individual client situation resulting in a comprehensive strategy for Troux deployment…

Troux Configuration Services

The Strategic EPM network is comprised of former Troux employees and consultants who have worked with the Troux consulting team for years. Our configuration services are aimed at helping our clients develop a roadmap for success to achieve a fast return on their EAM/EPM investment.

Troux Architect Configuration

Metamodels, templates, and architecture models

Troux Navigate Configuration

Solution Composer user interfaces, BIRT reports, and FLEX visualizations

Troux Insight Configuration

Active Metamodels, Perspectives, and Editors including migration of Troux Navigate applications to Troux Insight

TrouxSource Configuration

Metamodel extensions, policies, workflows, permissioning, and user administration

Alternative User Experience 

With the emergence of HTML5 user interface frameworks, mobile interface development, latest generation business intelligence technologies, and the litany of content management systems, organizations desire alternative user experiences to those provided natively by the Troux EPM Suite software. Our team has deep experience developing and integrating these technologies to the TrouxSource server to provide users the performance and simple, multi-device experience they seek—often through integrations to existing organizational technology standards.

HTML5, Multi-Device Portal

Leveraging technologies like AngularJS—an open source JavaScript UI framework maintained by Google—we deliver performant, multi-device portal applications that offer a streamlined user experience.

CMS Integrations

Our team has the experience in migrating the intelligence in TrouxSource to existing portal applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Drupal, WordPress, or another CMS platforms.

Business Intelligence Server Integrations

In addition to the established names of BusinessObjects, Cognos, and Crystal Reports, a new generation of business intelligence technologies has emerged such as QlikView, Tableau, and YellowFin. We offer the ability to deliver these technologies connected to the TrouxSource repository.

Integration Services

The information in Troux reflects an ecosystem of source-of-record systems. We provide integration solutions to continually update this information by Troux collectors, the Troux REST API, and/or enterprise service bus integrations.



Tailored Integrations

Design and development of integrations between TrouxSource and other systems in the IT ecosystem including CMDB, ITSM, and PPM servers

Troux Application Management Services

Whether the ongoing organizational need is simply user management or periodic configuration and extensions to the deployed Troux EPM Suite software, we offer subscription services to manage this function and free our clients to pursue the day-to-day challenge of delivering enterprise architecture and enterprise portfolio management services.

Application Management

Application Management Subscriptions

Ongoing application management and configuration to the deployed Troux EPM Suite software

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